Partial Taxonomy Notes

Broken window.
Broken bone.
Broken tooth.
Broken dream.
Broken finger.
Broken toe.
Broken hope.
Broken body.
Broken fate.
Broken earth.
Broken sky.
Broken rain.
Broken tongue.
Broken breast.
Broken hype.
Broken throat.
Broken faith.
Broken penis.
Broken thrust.
Broken thrum.
Broken belief.
Broken leaf.
Broken jowl.
Broken voice.
Broken strike.
Broken back.
Broken mask.
Broken time.
Nine nights out of ten.

An Attempted Partial Taxonomy of Rocks
Folio. Published in Panhandler Issue 6, 2011

An Attempted Partial taxonomy of Rocks: Oakland
Powerpoint lecture and objects. Presented at S.H.E.D. Projects, Oakland, CA. August 31, 2013.

Objects Include:

White Wizard
Glazed ceramic figure with eastern-sierra sage smudge and obsidian hand-axe on walnut shelf.

Granitic Quartzite from Summit Pass, Mono County, CA
Stone, lichen.

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