Book with a red and black cover with an illustration of a face over a martian landscape. Title in gold, The Gardener, the Visionary, and the Traveller

Sliced fennel bulb in a hot skillet with olive oil and salt. Adding black eyed peas and garlic and broth. Chopped beet greens. A simmer. Beets pulled from the dirt, roasted and pickled. In an apple cider vinegar brine with cinnamon stick, salt, pepper, garlic, dill. A yellow zucchini plucked from the backyard vine. Sauteed with butter and garlic and left to char. Fresh home baked bread. Flour, water, salt, wild yeast. A pink wine the color of your skin, or parts of it, anyway. A small dog rolling on the carpet. Sometimes the world consists of a small set of rooms and that's ok. Sometimes nothing matters. Sometimes all we want is to scream. Sometimes all we need is to cook and to eat and to love someone.

The Gardener, the Visionary, and the Traveller
Risograph printed on newsprint and perfect bound in pulsar red soft cover with gold foil blocking. 2017.
4.25 x 7 inches, 216 pages.
Published in an edition of 100 by Small Editions, Brooklyn, NY.

Produced with much thanks and love to Corina Reynolds and everyone at Small Editions.

Printed editions of The Gardener, the Visionary, and the Traveller are sold out, but you can download a PDF draft. Paypal me what you can if you can.

The book, again, with gold bookmark featuring an essay on science fiction The book, propped open.