A residential garage, enclosed with a wall. A poster at the far left end.

For despair, a walk at night while a crow sleeps.
For ennui, a mug of tepid water each morning.
For melancholy, a pinch of bergamot.
For restless nights, a clove of garlic steeped in milk.
For waves of anger, an inhalation of dried and grated horseradish.
For pain of the heart, an acorn, chewed and spat.
For a certian pull in the bowels, a heavy stone. For a sense of purposelessness, a calabrian chili, held under the tongue.
For overzealous joy, a strand of copper braided into the hair.
For conflicting thoughts, a sprig of wormwood, chewed.
For self-effacement, a mirror fogged over. For inquisitiveness, a band of pewter heated over a flame and worn around the head.
For independence of opinion, a gram of ground nutmeg, drunk in hot water with lemon.
For a wandering soul, an iron nail tapped into the shoe.
For wandering eyes, an iron band, clasped round the finger.
For loneliness, a stick of coal worn on a silver chain that has been dipped in the juice of a lemon.
For agitation, tears of an equine, frozen.
For fraught dreams, a feather of grouse burned at sunset.
For the bodily pain of endless toil, a bead of mercury.
For the longing to escape, a chain.

Produced in collaboration with Michael Welsh at Appendix Project Space, 2011.

A cacophonous visual scene inside the garage with a television, many posters, amd a gold-foil wrapped room A couch under a built structure with plants, lights, and helmets A collage of dyed fabric, a Katy Perry poster, and other elements Yarn god's eyes in black and silver, various pray painted posters A helmet with a wire facegaurd, painted silver A television with an image resembling a tie-dyed forest A complex wooden structure with tie-dye A figure of Alf with a lightbulb coming out of its head and a crystalized dream catcher.