Rupert Studio

Wicked is the watchtower; the red brick dawn; the night of a thousand wails. Wicked are the screamers and the seers. Wicked are the catchers who round up in the early morning sunrise; in the midday heat; in the dusk; in the night. Wicked are the grey ghouls firing bullets into the clouds. Wicked are the screaming haunters creeping crepuscular around the facade. Wicked are the gargoyles leering from the building tops. Wicked are the wealthy gobbling up the weak. Wicked are the takers and the all-miners and the dead-eyed. Wicked are the warblers and the pent-up paraders. Wicked are the white-faced grobloids wrapped in beige bandage and weeping in their wake. Wicked are the wraiths warping the sky with their plummeting screams. Wicked are the hoary graspers and the racked-up hollerers. Wicked are the steel wielding and the baton brigade. Wicked are the protectors and the pummelers and the not-on-my-turfers. Wicked are the bastards; wicked all of them. Wicked are the money-grabbers and the landholders and the black-and-white-and-red-all-overs. Wicked are the blue-liners and the enablers and the boundary-enforcers. Wicked, wicked, wicked are they all, and may they be sloughed in the rain.

Studio view while Artist-in-Residence at Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania, June 2014.


A Length of Linen Laid Out in the Meadow Under the Light of the Full Moon to Collect the Morning Dew
Linen, dew. 1mx2m.

Various Types of Granite With Which to Make a Clock
Granite, quartz. Dimensions variable.

Wikipedia entry, "Belief"
Toner print on paper. Dimensions variable.

Pantheon II
Toner print on paper, dead moths. A4.

Oak limb. 3x19x7 inches.

Toner print on paper. A4.

Watercolor on paper. Each 9x12 inches.

Zaltys II
Digital video. 00:10:00.

Attempting to Lower and Raise the Minimum and Maximum Elevations of Lithuania
Digital video, accompanied by a letter to the Lithuanian Minister of the Environment. 00:02:20.

55 Daily Affirmations
Digital video. 00:10:44.

Returning a Piece of Amber to Jurate
Digital video. 00:01:00.

Linen Clock Belief Pantheon Oak Snakes Pantheon II