Crying Alone and Together: Third Room, Portland, OR
Manifesto 5: A Signpost | A Warning | A Way Home
The Barometric Pressure is All Over the Place: Anytime Dept, Cincinnati, OH

The Gardener, the Visionary, and the Traveller
An Untitled Play Posthumously Written by Philip K Dick
in Perpetuum
An Attempted Partial Taxonomy of Rocks
FantasyPeak2.JPG: Towards a Digital Geology

Gale Crater
Some Video

Bibliography 2014
at Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania
The Place
19 Billion KM Away
Total Freedom
1000 Images Related to "L Ron Hubbard"
We May See a Great and Unrecognizable Future

Maybe Tomorrow Today
To Destroy the Sun

The Walton Project
GWC, Investigators